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New Model Army - The Collection

New Model Army - The Collection

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CD: 8744802

01. Stupid Questions
02. 225
03. 11 Years
04. Courage
05. Space
06. Heroes
07. 51st State
08. Vanity
09. No Rest
10. The Ballad Of Bodmin Pill
11. Deadeye
12. Smalltown England (Live)
13. Drag It Down
14. The World (Live)

New Model Army have successfully managed to fuse together the harsh, raw sound of the post punk 80's, whilst incorporation their political views. Their audiences are often seen as an extension of the band's aggression, committing themselves to the music as convincingly as NMA commit themselves to their songs which tackle modern issues from drugs to terrorism. NMA took their name from Oliver Cromwell's crack fighting force from the 17th century. Justin Sullivan, the band's undisputed leader and spokesman, became obsessed with the anti-royalist Cromwell period, he even took his nickname 'Slade the Leveller' from a socialist rebel under the English republic. New Model Army's history starts in 1980 when Justin met the self-styled punk poetess 'Joolz', who went on to design numerous NMA record sleeves and other artwork connected with the band. After their meeting and during 1980/81, they drew together the idea and members for NMA (they found a bass player in Stuart Morrow, Justin just acted as singer/songwriter guitarist). The drums were taken over by anybody who could play them until Robb Heaton joined the ranks later. On the strength of their popularity, NMA were approached by the major record company EMI with a generous record deal allowing NMA total artistic freedom. The fans looked upon this move with dubious eyes, but were assured that the only difference this move would make would be that the band and their music would receive greater publicity. However, even with all this publicity they could not get their much needed hit. Apart from the obvious commerciality of the multi-release of NMA's later singles, they must remain one of the only groups who have managed to keep hold of their original ideas and identity after moving from a humble, independent beginning to a major record label and mainstream sales potential. Through years of heavy touring, numerous record releases and the usual trappings surrounding the eighties, New Model Army have managed to keep their independence, their loyal band of followers and leave behind them a plethora of excellent recordings and a few rare collectors items.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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