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New Model Army - The Love Of The Hopeless Causes

New Model Army - The Love Of The Hopeless Causes

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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CD: 506066-2

01. Here Comes The War
02. Fate
03. Living In The Rose
04. White Light
05. Believe It
06. Understand U
07. My People
08. These Words
09. Afternoon Song
10. Bad Old World

Because Sony didn't promote this album at the time it was originally released no one really picked up on it apart from the already established New Model Army fan base. On this album there is more of the punk attitude that the band had on their first three albums, the attitude that drove the early records was what made them so compelling. It's the raw emotion of a track like the opener "Here comes the War" that really grabs you, the powerful vocals really make you to listen to what is actually being said rather than just mindlessly sing along. Another interesting thing about this one is the guitars, they take on a more rock feel with the sound being particularly sharp and upfront, while the bass still bangs and grooves along in the style of the earlier releases, in fact much like the first album. The usual variety of songwriting is on display ballads, rock and the indescribable songs with emphasis on interesting beats and creation with the basslines that New Model Army seem to effortlessly churn out at a rate many bands would probably die for. And as usual the quality never suffers, it's just in New Model Army's own style, they are a band unto their own and if you haven't bought any of their records this one is probably a good starter.


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