I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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New Model Army - Radio Sessions 83-84

New Model Army - Radio Sessions 83-84

Model: CD
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CD: ABT5002
LABEL: Abstract

01. Great Expectations
02. I Wish
03. Notice Me
04. Liberal Education
05. Smalltown England
06. Spirit of the Falklands
07. Christian Militia
08. Running
09. The Cause
10. Drag It Down
11. Frightened
12. The Attack

2002 reissue of a collection of tracks recorded for BBC Radio 1 in the early eighties. Tracks 1-4 were first broadcast on the David Jenson Show 17.07.83. Tracks 5-8 on the John Peel Show 14.12.83. Tracks 9-12 on the Janice Long Show 30.12.84. This long deleted album has recently been re-released. The growing demand for product made Radio Sessions '83-'84 a necessity for the band, who weren't ready for another album release. The sound and songs are similar to The Independent Story, although two songs, "I Wish," and "The Cause" aren't found anywhere but here. NMA a trio vigorously lauded by supporters in the early 80's as the new Clash, New Model Army is long on principle and maintains a fervent, unyielding political stance. Taking primary inspiration from early punk roots (though less abrasive and more melodic), NMA breathes life into the genre, providing a most effective medium for singer/guitarist Justin Sullivan to deliver his charged messages. His angry, vehement cuts rely equally on Stuart Morrow's acrobatic bass lines and Sullivan's accusatory Cockney rants. Adding a palpable sense of urgency to already strong songs, Radio Sessions '83-'84 provides energetic alternate versions of twelve NMA faves crisply captured live on the radio. Vengeance/The Independent Story appends eight early single sides and a pair of radio takes to the band's first LP. A must for completists, the disc puts the spotlight on Morrow's driving lead bass, which at times suggests the early Cure.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Clash, The Cure, The Sound, Catherine Wheel


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