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New Order - Republic

New Order - Republic
Model: CD
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CD: 8573 81954-2
LABEL: London

01. Regret
02. World
03. Ruined in a Day
04. Spooky
05. Everyone Everywhere
06. Young Offender
07. Liar
08. Chemical
09. Times Change
10. Special
11. Avalanche

Gone are the days when New Order can put out an album riddled with songs like 'Your Silent Face', 'Face Up', 'Fine Time' and 'Every Little Counts'. The collapse of Factory Records seem to have brought a sense of solemnity and maturity not seen since the days of Joy Division. New Order seem to have absorbed the best bits of current and older dance-music styles (drum n' bass, techno, trip-hop, good old-fashioned acid house), and incorporated them into the essence of what they do best, synth-pop. There's a discernible austere, almost metallic sheen to 'Republic', a sure change from the dollops of fun on the previous 'Technique'. Many songs here allude to the folding of Factory, things like 'World', 'Liar', the doomy 'Ruined in a Day' and 'Times Change'. But what makes it a key New Order album is the way the group have taken a moment to acknowledge the crap of the past couple of years and still have the courage to get together for possibly one last time to come up with a killer of an album. 'Regret' has got to be the best thing that they've done since 'The Perfect Kiss' and 'Bizarre Love Triangle'.


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