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Gerard Dufroy (FRANCE)
Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
Gerard Dufroy (FRANCE)
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Not Drowning, Waving - Claim [2008 reissue]

Not Drowning, Waving - Claim [2008 reissue]

Model: CD
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CD: 000209
LABEL: Liberation

01. Willow Tree
02. Fishing Trawler
03. Wobble
04. Thomastown
05. Maroon Rust
06. Paulau
07. Yellow Earth
08. Sweat
09. Terra Nullius
10. Claim

2008 digitally remastered edition of this album from the critically acclaimed Australian band led by David Bridie, housed in deluxe packaging. Originally released in 1988, Claim has been out of print for more than 10 years years and is one of the band's best sellers. Back in 1986 Not Drowning Waving failed in every ongoing sense to fit in with the prevailing trends of the Australian music industry. They were proudly, brilliantly unlike any band this country has produced. And the sound they made was as distinctive as it was indefinable. They wrote songs you could feel like sunlight on your skin, taste like salt left behind by the sea. Critics loved NDW because they demanded adjectives. Their music was haunting, evocative, brooding, sensuous and a million other words that excite people who type for a living. Claim seemed to draw together all of the strands that had come before, boosted by steel-eyed confidence and an evolving song writing poise. Rolling Stone named it Album Of The Year. Comparisons were drawn to the likes of Peter Gabriel and David Byrne, both of whom were already fans. Acclaim poured in from offshore. A contract was signed with Warner Bros in New York, inspiring the local office soon after. Not Drowning, Waving succesfully managed to infuse outside elements into their work, and it's a major benefit, not just because it's a different sound ? but because you can't imagine them without that exquisite blend.

Influences / Similar Artists:
David Bridie, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Dif Juz


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