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Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Not Drowning, Waving - The Little Desert [2008 reissue]

Not Drowning, Waving - The Little Desert [2008 reissue]

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CD: 044366
LABEL: Liberation

01. The Same Heat
02. Through The One Last Door
03. Blackfish Creek
04. Wilma's Dream
05. Storm
06. Tide
07. Old Wobbly Man
08. Empty Trees And Buildings
09. A Selling Of The Rock
10. Big Sky
11. Overlay
12. In The Undergrowth
13. A Selling Of The Rock (1990)
14. Rocks
15. Pier No. 5
16. In The Early Morning

2007 digitally remastered and expanded reissue of the Australian band's sophomore album featuring bonus tracks. Back in 1986 Not Drowning Waving failed in every ongoing sense to fit in with the prevailing trends of the Australian music industry. They were proudly, brilliantly unlike any band this country has produced. And the sound they made was as distinctive as it was indefinable. They wrote songs you could feel like sunlight on your skin, taste like salt left behind by the sea. Critics loved NDW because they demanded adjectives. Their music was haunting, evocative, brooding, sensuous and a million other words that excite people who type for a living. NDW made half a dozen albums and a couple of film soundtracks in the decade they spent together. Another Pond, the debut, was recorded in a spare room and feels like the blueprint it is, a definition of the stillness at the core of the NDW sound and a declaration of intent to move away from it. The Little Desert followed, a stately, almost entirely instrumental album which was conjured in a church in Elsternwick, but calls to mind the beautiful and unsettling landscapes of outback Australia. Cold And The Crackle pushed outwards and inwards, balancing those landscapes with portraits, contrasting wide open road with claustrophobic suburb, filmic vista with sinewy groove.

Influences / Similar Artists:
David Bridie, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Dif Juz


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