Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
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Orange Juice - The Glasgow School

Orange Juice - The Glasgow School

Model: CD
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LABEL: Domino

01. Falling and Laughing
02. Moscow
03. Moscow Olympics
04. Blue Boy
05. Lovesick
06. Simply Thrilled Honey
07. Breakfast Time
08. Poor Old Soul (Part One)
09. Poor Old Soul (Part Two)
10. Louise Louise
11. Three Cheers For Our Side
12. (To Put It In A) Nutshell
13. Satellite City
14. Consolation Prize
15. Holiday Hymn
16. Intuition Told Me (Part One)
17. Intuition Told Me (Parto Two)
18. Wan Light
19. Dying Day
20. Texas Fever
21. Tender Object
22. Blokes on 45
23. I Don't Care

There's a touching sense of karma to the release of this album. Having made a small fortune from their typically prescient signing of Franz Ferdinand, a band who took the Orange Juice template of danceable arty indie pop and updated it for the post-Strokes generation, Domino have returned that pile of money directly to the source. If your knowledge of Orange Juice and Edwyn Collins is restricted to the gloopy mainstream hit "Rip It Up" and every pub singer's favourite, "A Girl Like You", then you're in for a shock. Listening back to these peerless, astonishingly ambitious, bolt-from-the-blue mélanges of Motown's pop purity, Chic's infectious guitar jangles, and Collins' own supremely wry take on romantic songcraft and lyricism is still a revelation. Be it the euphoric rush of "Poor Old Soul", the proto-Marr shimmy of "Tender Object" or guitarist James Kirk's superlative left-handed dancefloor anthem "Wan Light", this is cultured, seductive guitar music at its very best. For the aficionados, the songs that make-up the debut album that never was make for curious listening. Alongside the strangely loose-limbed version of "Falling And Laughing", these recordings feel half finished somehow, more like outtakes. But there are countless highlights. The close of "Poor Old Soul (Part Two)" where the band start chanting "No more rock'n'roll for you" like the only punks who have ever mattered - willfully camp art school boys who'd named themselves Orange Juice just to annoy the spikeytops - is exhilarating. The four-to-the-floor buzz of "Love Sick". The scope and ambition of "Simply Thrilled Honey", only three singles in and they're evolving fast. Mistakes and all, you really can't undervalue a second of this album.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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