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Pale Fountains - Pacific Street

Pale Fountains - Pacific Street

Model: CD
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CD: CDV2274
LABEL: Virgin

01. Reach
02. Something On My Mind
03. Unless
04. Southbound Excursion
05. Natural
06. Faithful Pillow (Pt 1)
07. You'll Start A War
08. Beyond Fridays Field
09. Abergele Next Time
10. Crazier
11. Faithful Pillow (Pt 2)
12. Palm Of My Hand
13. Love's A Beautiful Place
14. Meadow Of Love
15. Thank You

The 1984 debut album by this English indie pop group led by singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Michael Head. Contains all 11 of the songs that first appeared on it, plus 4 bonus tracks 'Thank You', 'Meadow Of Love', 'Palm Of My Hand' and 'Love's A Beautiful Place' . In 1982, the musical and sartorial dictates of student life were divided between the gloomy angst and raincoat chic of Echo & The Bunnymen and the jumper-tucked-into-three-pleaters fashions and pasty-faced, fey pop of Orange Juice and The Pale Fountains. The latter quartet of late-teenagers led by songwriter Michael Head cut an individualistic dash not only through their chosen apparel - bonnets, shorts, neckerchiefs and lumberjack shirts, not exactly Toxteth regulation at the time - but also by embracing the easy-listening sounds of Burt Bacharach and Sergio Mendes, interpreted in the alternative indie style of the day.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Shack, Michael Head, The Strands, Love, Nick Drake, Beatles


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