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Pale Fountains - Longshot For Your Love

Pale Fountains - Longshot For Your Love

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CD: MA16
LABEL: Marina

01. Just A Girl
02. (Always) Something On My Mind
03. Lavinia´s Dream
04. Longshot For Your Love
05. Thank You
06. The Norfolk Broads
07. Benoit´s Christmas
08. Hey There Fred
09. Palm Of My Hand
10. Free
11. We Have All The Time In The World
12. Just A Girl
13. Love Situation

If there were any justice, Michael Head would be an acknowledged giant in any British rock history - but, alas he and his band, The Pale Fountains, never quite made it beyond footnote status. Why the hell didn't they make it? It was all going so well. They had everything - a massive record deal, loads of money behind them, critical acclaim, they were all gorgeous. Looking back, it's hard to resist the conclusion that Head's lovingly crafted , Latin-tinged pop songs - with their light, breezy choruses evoking the sunny optimism of the mid-60's and the orchestrated arrangements of Burt Bacharach - were released a decade too early. They ended being Arthur Lee's (From Love) backing band. He was their ultimate hero, so perhaps they didn't do too badly. Where the Bunnymen lyrics were very obscure, The Pale Fountains were more direct and honest about what they were saying. When they became Shack, they wrote a song called High Rise Low Life, which is a great title.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Shack, Michael Head, The Strands, Love, Nick Drake, Beatles


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