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Poor Rich Ones - From The Makers Of Ozium

Poor Rich Ones - From The Makers Of Ozium

Model: CD
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CD: RID028
LABEL: Rec90
LENGTH: 45:10 minutes

01. Kindly Country
02. Fear Of Losing
03. Small Glimpse
04. Anyway/ Somehow
05. Clean & New
06. Plastik
07. Make Him Go
08. Strong
09. Leave
10. Ozium
11. My Book Of Friends
12. Tell Her Not

Norway's Poor Rich Ones are making waves with their second album 'From The Makers of Ozium' album, which also won the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy in 1998. Multiple layered vocals, a mixture of ambient and percussive keyboard textures, overdriven reverb-happy guitars and a rhythm section that supports the delicate undertones that permeate through 'From The Makers of Ozium'. E-bowed guitars build upon clearly articulated pick riffs, releasing into a vast domain of delay feedback and pulses while rhythmically innovative drums take the road less travelled and a steady pace throughout is maintained. Poor Rich Ones, are all set to storm into the hearts and minds of every lover of sublime, perfectly crafted, extraordinary, melancholic pop


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