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Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

Model: CD
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CD: 7567934372

01. Deadwing
02. Shallow
03. Lazarus
04. Halo
05. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
06. Mellotron Scratch
07. Open Car
08. The Start Of Something Beautiful
09. Glass Arm Shattering

Three Porcupine Tree's for the prize of one. No, you don't get three CD's, but three different faces of this already so versatile excellent band. Everyone expected a sequel to the previous albums, which would have meant, a bit more radio friendly (read commercial) and easier to access. The first part of the album is a lot heavier than we are used from PT. Already started on â??In Absentiaâ?, this heavier stuff even goes a bit further. The heavier songs aren't just heavy and simple, but contain really strong, heavy riffs with some typical softer Porcupine Tree intermissions and ambient moments. Opener â??Deadwingâ? is a great example of that. The second part of the song is full of surprises with great guitar solos and a rhythmic keyboard. The second track â??Shallowâ? starts off with a great heavy guitar riff, and Steven's voice sounding as if he's singing through a megaphone or a fifties microphone. The second PT face on this album can be found in the third track â??Lazarusâ?. It's a great little song with an incredible beautiful, melodic chorus, you'll never forget once you've heard it, sung on a rhythmic piano sound. This song could have been on the excellent Blackfield album. â??Arriving Somewhere But Not Hereâ? is probably going to be the all time favourite PT song for a lot of fans. This song contains both the heavier elements of the first half of the album combined with the more ambient Porcupine Tree sound of the second half of the CD. Although early PT albums borrowed from Pink Floyd that influence has diminished from Signify onward. In any case Porcupine Tree are evolving into a unique sound that is their own. It could well be the first serious attempt to create the next phase of progressive music.


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