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Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

Model: CD
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CD: RR8011-2
LABEL: Roadrunner

01. Fear Of A Blank Planet
02. My Ashes
03. Anesthesize
04. Sentimental
05. Way Out Of Here
06. Sleep Together

While Porcupine Tree flirted ever-so-briefly with more standardized pop thematics on their two previous outingsâ??2002's In Absentia and 2005's Deadwing--albeit still stretching the limits of the medium by refusing to adhere to the standardized 3-minute song structure. With their latest offering PT defy the conventions and deliver an album with only six tracks total, still managing to deliver 50-plus-minutes of music that maintains their strange pop driven prog sensibilities. In many ways Fear of a Blank Planet has brought together all of Porcupine Tree's sonic strengths and amplified them into a cohesive whole. It certainly works and feels like a true album should, flowing effortlessly from start to finish with natural aplomb, tasty licks, and the right balance of emotion and intrinsic intensity. Also the mix is comes off as simultaneously the rawest and richest the band has delivered to date, rolling in a deeply rich tonal quality that reverberates with rugged sheen. Expressive and emotive, this Porcupine Tree release should appeal to diehard fans and new jack band wagoneers alike due to its pertinent (and intriguingly timely) subject matter and epic soundscapes.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Gathering, Japan, Blackfield, Pink Floyd


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