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Bass Communion - vs Muslimgauze

Bass Communion - vs Muslimgauze
Model: CD-EP
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LABEL: Soleimoon

1. Six - 9:30

2. Seven - 9:02

Solo project by Porcupine Tree Member Steven Wilson. This collaboration between Steven Wilson and legendary underground musical artist Bryn Jones took place just before Bryn tragically passed away. Experimental trance loops and electronic effects create a spooky and surreal electronica landscape. Even though the amount of material he recorded would strain most musicians' lifetime abilities, a listen to this fine release again compounds the regret that Bryn Jones hadn't lived to do more. The matching of two inspired, self-contained musicians like Jones and Steven Wilson turned out to be a dream collaboration, with both bringing their similiarly wide scope but different aesthetic senses to the drawing board. The history behind the two tracks on this 20-minute EP is almost as interesting as the music itself. Steven Wilson (who records with singer Tim Bowness under the name Bass Communion) had been in touch with Bryn Jones (a.k.a. Muslimgauze) several times during the late 1990s; when they finally met face-to-face in 1999 Wilson presented Jones with some CDs of his (Wilson's) work. A few days later Wilson received two DATs in the mail containing Jones' remixes of tracks from Wilson's CDs. This led to further exchanges and the two eventually decided to make an album together. Jones died shortly before that album was released unexpectedly. These two tracks (titled "Six" and "Seven", because the original album contained five pieces) continues the previous album's dark, bassy ambience: "Six" chugs along on a bass-heavy groove somewhere between Detroit house and rockers reggae, while ambient chordal wisps float in the background. "Seven" is more abstract, with lots of backwards percussion and much less rhythmic focus. All of it is quite beautiful in an eerie sort of way.


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