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Porcupine Tree - Stars Die - The Delerium Years [2005 reissue]

Porcupine Tree - Stars Die - The Delerium Years [2005 reissue]

Model: 2-CD
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2-CD: SMACD914
LABEL: Snapper

Disc A - 1991-93
01. Radioactive Toy
02. Nine Cats
03. And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun
04. Nostalgia Factory
05. Voyage 34 - Phase One
06. Synesthesia - extended version
07. Phantoms
08. Up the Downstair
09. Fadeaway
10. Rainy Taxi

Disc B - 1994-97
01. Stars Die
02. The Sky Moves Sideways - Phase One
03. Men of Wood
04. Waiting
05. The Sound of No-one Listening
06. Colourflow in Mind
07. Fuse the Sky
08. Signify II
09. Every Home is Wired
10. Sever
11. Dark Matter

2005 digitally remastered & expanded reissue 2-CD exploring Porcupine Tree's Delerium era, incorporating album, EP and single tracks together with assorted rarities, new mixes and previously unreleased tracks. Featuring an overview of the five albums and various singles recorded for Delerium Records, it also includes previously unreleased tracks such as the legendary 'Men Of Wood' as well as 'Signify II', 'Phantoms' the full eight-minute version of 'Synesthesia' and assorted rarities culled from the bands seven years with Delerium. Some tracks have been remixed for the project and the package includes a 32-page illustrated booklet featuring - for the first time anywhere - a full history of Porcupine Tree drawn from interviews with band members. In case you are worried about buying an album from a band labeled "progressive" - forget it in this case. Porcupine Tree are a rock band that are broader than that particular genre , as you might expect with an ex member of Japan on keyboards. This band are capable of music that is in turn extremely beautiful and contemporary.


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