Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
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Radio 4 - Gotham!

Radio 4 - Gotham!

Model: CD
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CD: 20202-2
LABEL: City Slang

01. Our Town
02. Start A Fire
03. Eyes Wide Open
04. Dance To The Underground
05. Struggle
06. Calling All Enthusiasts
07. Save Your City
08. Speaking In Codes
09. Certain Tragedy
10. The Movies
11. End Of The Rope
12. Pipe Bombs
13. New Disco

What exactly is post-punk? And is it really appropriate to call a band making music in 2002 post-punk? Post-punk, consists of bands that came in the wake of the 1977 punk explosion but bent the rather narrow confines of punk to incorporate more minimalist, distorted, abrasive and sometimes intentionally annoying soundscapes. It was the attentive younger brother of punk and the cooler, hipper older brother of new wave. But in 2002, with so many pigeonholes for music already in place, is the vague blanket that is post-punk still relevant? Yes it is, if only to give some sort of sense of what bands like Radio 4 (and Interpol) are doing. These New Yorkers have touched base with obvious reference points like PiL, Gang of Four, and Magazine. The real surprise is they have rounded out their sound with hints of more obscure post-punkers such as The Teardrop Explodes and the Swell Maps, but one-upping all of those by having a certain affinity for soul music. The most obvious indication of this is how high the bass is in the mix and the reason for it being that high. Playing fluid and soulful bass in a band where you are competing against overdriven guitars and vocal bravado is not an easy thing to do, and Anthony Roman of Radio 4 does it flawlessly. If you need any proof just go ahead and have a listen to "Save Your City." Far and away the catchiest track on the album, each musician proves so perfectly aware of the power of their instrument. And the bass playing on "Speaking in Codes" takes over everything else with pleasant results. Radio 4 finds the balance between the soul of gospel yeah-yeah, the accessibility of new wave and the attitude of post-punk.


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