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Radio 4 - The New Song And Dance

Radio 4 - The New Song And Dance

Model: CD
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01. How the Stars Got Crossed
02. Buy and Sell
03. Beat Around the Bush
04. Communication
05. Get Set to Fall Out
06. Election Day
07. Walls Falling
08. Boy Meets Girl
09. We Must Be Sure
10. Beautiful Ride
11. New Motive

Having grown jaded by what had become the definitive portrait of the indie/math rock aesthetic throughout the 1990s -- a sulking, shiftless-when-idle mentality juxtaposed with sarcastically witty lyrics and contemplative, intricate instrumentation that one can only stand motionless to and with blank facial expressions -- New York's Radio 4 formed in 1999 to offer the antithesis of that formulaic tedium. Radio 4's logic has stayed its course: a defiant belief in its post-punk-influenced stance of rhythm, movement and ultimately, to hit the post-punk dance floor and get down. Employing a minimalist, sparse technique in its guitar-bass-drums line-up for their first long-player, 2000's The New Song and Dance, Radio 4 achieved maximum infectious grooves while wearing the influences of late '70s Brit-punk on their proverbial sleeves. Reverberating from Anthony Roman's (ex-Garden Variety) booming, melodic bass-lines, Tommy William's clattered guitar scratch and Greg Collins's skittish beats, this is a propensity towards Joy Division meets Gang of Four/Clash/Joe Jackson-like anthems intended to provoke audience reaction: a dance-inducing reaction absent from this pretentious underground rock scene for too many years.


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