FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Scenic - The Acid Gospel Experience

Scenic - The Acid Gospel Experience

Merk: Tenor Vossa
Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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LABEL: Tenor Vossa

01. Year of the Rat
02. Lightspeed
03. Acid Gospel
04. Under a Wing
05. Lunar Afternoon
06. Skylight
07. Lightcord
08. Spheres
09. Journey Through The Outer Reaches Of Inner Space

Since the dissolution of his old band Savage Republic Bruce Licher has focused on crafting intricate instrumental soundscapes. Scenic dispenses with the usual verse, chorus, verse of most guitar oriented music. Rather, sounds are progressively layered on top of each other to make swelling, triumphant monuments of resonance. Those already familiar with Scenic will find more of what they love here and can proceed directly to the checkout line. The uninitiated will be in for an unexpected treat. A surprising level of energy lurks in the meditative compositions and results in a strange musical brew of The Reegs meets Div Juz (!). The almost classically structured songs pull the listener into satisfying pools of audio haze and the absence of vocals proves to be an asset here. The occassional bursts of drums throughout draw the listener's attention and give extra reference points for the quieter numbers. The 19 minute closer "A Journey Through the Outer Reaches of Inner Space" is particularly hypnotic. Centerpiece "Lunar Afternoon" is a true keeper and a must hear for indie fans. The result is a nicely paced record best suited to be listened to from start to finish. Impeccable production and sound quality ensure that the many subtle nuances are brought out cleanly. This is one of those records worth buying just for the title alone.


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