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Sheila Divine, The - Where Have My Countrymen Gone

Sheila Divine, The - Where Have My Countrymen Gone

Model: CD
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CD: B00005B52U
LABEL: Co-Op Pop

01. Countrymen
02. Ostrich
03. Wanting Is Wasted
04. Antidote
05. Sideways
06. Every Year
07. Walking Dead
08. Spirits
09. Monarchs
10. Some Kind of Home
11. Vanishing Act

This album shows what The Comsat Angels could have sounded like if they would have continued their musical career! It's all here, the vocals, the guitars, the bass, the drums & the keyboards. The band's frontman Aaron Perrino has an Steven Fellows swagger with lyrics reflecting his pure emotion, which easily translate into the music. Whether Perrino is singing the high registers of "Countrymen" or belting out aggression on "Walking Dead", you can tell this frontman is blessed with a gift. The most impressive dimension of The Sheila Divine's sound is that their tight, straight-ahead rock drives across so naturally. There are no flashy solos or complex compositions, just great rock melodies mixed with a solid drum work. Drummer Shawn Sears does an awesome job of sitting in the pocket to create the groove and tempo of the edgy "Ostrich" and punchy "Sideways". Where Have All My Countrymen Gone is written so well lyrically that bits and pieces will get permanently embedded in your brain. Add this one to your list of things to get if you like bands like The Comsat Angels and Echo & The Bunnymen and the greatness of U2's Joshua Tree album ...


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