I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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Shriekback - Oil And Gold

Shriekback - Oil And Gold

Model: CD
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CD: 422-842
LABEL: Island

01. Malaria
02. Everything That Rises Must Converge
03. Fish Below The Ice
04. This Big Hush
05. Faded Flowers
06. Nemesis
07. Only Thing That Shines
08. Health & Knowledge & Wealth & Power
09. Hammerheads
10. Coelocanth

"Oil and Gold" was Shriekback's breakthrough after years of toiling in the underground. It's an album of both dreamy soundscapes like the haunting 'This Big Hush', the New Age-esque 'Coelocanth', the body-girating rhythms of 'Malaria' and the sensational hit 'Nemesis', which became the band's most recognized single and continues to this day to be played at clubs everywhere. It was often assumed that Shriekback's driving sound and questionable lyrical content would hinder their chances for success. But it only built an even larger buzz around them. If you haven't experienced this band yet, it's about time you discovered what the 'shrieking' was all about. Oil & Gold is a tremendous album with hard-edged songs like "Nemesis", "Malaria", "Fish Below The Ice", and "Hammerheads", and some softer yet still powerful ones like "Faded Flowers" and "This Big Hush". The lyrics more perceptible than on the band's earlier albums, although the record sleeve has them in a bizarre phonetic alphabet. Some of the music here is self-conciously cerebral; some of it's just plain weird.Very highly recommended.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Fat Gadget, Cabaret Voltaire, New Order, C. Cat Trance


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