I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
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I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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Sisters Of Mercy - Some Girls + Vision Thing [2-CD]

Sisters Of Mercy - Some Girls + Vision Thing [2-CD]

Model: 2-CD
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2-CD: 2564694
LABEL: Warner

Disc 1
01. Alice
02. Floorshow
03. Phantom
04. 1969
05. Kiss The Carpet
06. Lights
07. Valentine
08. Fix
09. Burn
10. Kiss The Carpet (Reprise)
11. Temple Of Love (1992)
12. Heartland
13. Gimme Shelter
14. The Damage Done
15. Watch
16. Home Of The Hit-men
17. Body Electric
18. Adrenochrome
19. Anaconda

Disc 2
01. Vision Thing
02. Ribbon
03. Detonation Boulevard
04. Something Fast
05. When You Don't See Me
06. Doctor Jeep
07. More
08. I Was Wrong

2-CD release features a pair of hit albums housed together in one package: Some Girls Wander By Mistake (1992) and Vision Thing (1990). Some Girls Wander By Mistake is the Sisters' 1992 collection of 7-inch & 12-inch singles, both A sides & B's, released between 1980-1983 on Merciful Release. 19 tracks including the extremely rare 'The Damage Done', 'Watch' & 'Home Of The Hit-Men', as well as the original extended version of 'Temple Of Love', their covers of 'Gimme Shelter' & '1969'. This is the only legitimate CD to find all of these tracks! The Sisters of Mercy in their short life (they only put out 3 proper albums in their existence) had tremendous influence on the Goth genre. Vision Thing, the third and last album by UK band The Sisters of Mercy was released in 1990, on band's own label Merciful Release. The album was designed by songwriter and singer Andrew Eldritch as an attack on United States policies (the title comes from a George H. W. Bush quote). With a sound which is something of a mixture between pop, rock, dance and heavy metal, this music just makes you want to dance. There are so many catchy choruses and added dimensions to this music that each song is a classic, and make this an excellent album purchase. Eldritch's dark vocals are often accompanied by a female vocal or choir which gives and amazing contrast and shows how impressive he is as a song writer. Many of the songs are of epic length and have impressively thought provoking lyrics that will satisfy even the fussiest music lover. This compilation is an excellent starting point for those who have never experienced this band?s music and if you like guitar based music with gothic overtones then you will like this.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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