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Sjako! - Note

Sjako! - Note
Model: CD
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CD: 11 63282
LABEL: Dureco

01. The Dark
02. Headlines & valley tales
03. Sunflower
04. "Whim"
05. Like a hurricane
06. Craving in vain
07. Missing you
08. Unconditionally
09. Barking up the wrong tree
10. Sleeping
11. Day by day
12. Only with a parachute
13. The Difference
14. Sailor's mail
15. Ripe rich nurse era
16. Off the hook

Vocalist, gitarist and songwriter Wouter Planteijdt is one of those rare talents in popmusic that has the courage and vision to change his musical direction thoroughly. His band Sjako! played until three year ago as a trio specialized in an exciting sort of powerfusion. Planteijdt changed course thoroughly, the band became a quintet and started to make adventurous popsongs. They released 'Once Upon a Revolution' in 1995 and harvested nothing else then praise. The reviewer of Dutch popmagazine OOR wrote that the album contained twelve perfect popsongs. The 1997 album 'Note' contains music that the American magazine Billboard often discribes as being 'Adult Alternative': Modern, intelligent rock with a razorsharp rim whereby dynamical outbursts are turned into quiet and harmonious songs.


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