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Sjako! - Page

Sjako! - Page
Model: CD
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Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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CD: TR0009
LABEL: Turtle Records

01. Harm's Way
02. Penny Dance
03. Port Belly
04. Howlin' With The Wolves
05. Page
06. Orlean's Kiss
07. Sober
08. Marimba Foot
09. Unfortunate Lee
10. End

New album of the band that backed Adrian Borland in the early 90's as "The Citizens". Remember a time when Rock & Roll told an intimate story layered In harmonic textures, a resolution of the clash between acoustic and electric, inside and out? Siako! reports from that borderline. The roots are of blues. folk, and jazz grown into progressive rock forms. the resonance of things past in uncharted waters live and raw, a fully amped 'unplugged', this disc captures the essence of being on the stage within the envelope that the musicians are spinning. In the beginning there were no boundaries between the band and the audience, and so it is once again.


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