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All About Eve - All About Eve

All About Eve - All About Eve

Model: CD
Spaarpunten: 200
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CD: 834 260-2
LABEL: Phonogram

01. Flowers in Our Hair
02. Gypsy Dance
03. In the Clouds
04. Martha's Harbour
05. Every Angel
06. Like Emily
07. Shelter from the Rain
08. She Moves Through the Fair
09. Wild Hearted Woman
10. Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
11. Apple Tree Man
12. What Kind of Fool
13. In the Meadow
14. Lady Moonlight

For newbie All About Eve listeners, this self-titled debut is perhaps a good starting point. "All About Eve" is a strong release in that it has many "single" oriented songs. While it's hard to categorise what type of music the band played, it combined elements of rock, folk, and English pop (the better stuff). The most recognised tune would have to be "Martha's Harbour," a hauntingly beautiful song with just Tim Bricheno on acoustic and Julianne in a crystal clear voice. While lyrically much of the album seems to be variations on a theme, AAE's music is rather eclectic. "In the Meadow" could be regarded as bordering on progressive rock, with its changes in tempo and riff. Much of the album is permeated with folk. All About Eve is pure soul-music for "melancholy" types whose favorite season is the Autumn. The ultra-visceral vocals of Julianne Regan and far-away, descanting guitar work of Tim Bricheno combine to produce a truly fantastic sound in all their work. If you're the type who can "see" music as you listen, this album will definitely paint pictures in your mind, especially cuts like "Every Angel," "Like Emily" and "In The Meadow." If you like "orchestral" rock-n-roll with fantasy-laden female vocals and stellar guitar work, you should hear this album (and their others, too).


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