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Catherine Wheel - Adam & Eve

Catherine Wheel - Adam & Eve

Model: CD
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CD: 493099
LABEL: Chrysalis

01. Intro
02. Future Boy
03. Delicious
04. Broken Nose
05. Phantom of the American Mother
06. Ma Solituda
07. Satellite
08. Thunderbird
09. Here Comes the Fat Controller
10. Goodbye
11. For Dreaming
12. Outro

If there were any justice in the world, Catherine Wheel would be huge. Good old fashioned rock and roll has never sounded so good. "Adam and Eve" is easily the most accesible album they've released, from start to finish there isn't a weak track on the album. Even the "hidden track" is better than most bands singles. From "Future Boy" all the way to "For Dreaming" Catherine Wheel show off just how mature they've become as songwriters. It seems every song kind of sails along before exploding into a frenzied chorus that even the most reserved of people would have a hard time not standing up and jumping around. From the sheer pop power of "Delicious" to the haunting "Phantom of the American Mother", the album shines in it's lyrical exploration of love and relationships. And it's all done in the 'Wheel's typical power rock fashion, never bowing to turgid melodies. With the exception of the monotone "Broken Nose" it is a shivering and joyful musical experience.


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