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Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Depeche Mode - 101 [live 2-CD]

Depeche Mode - 101 [live 2-CD]

Model: 2-CD
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Disc: 1
01. Pimpf
02. Behind The Wheel
03. Strangelove
04. Sacred
05. Something To Do
06. Blasphemous Rumours
07. Stripped
08. Somebody
09. Things You Said

Disc: 2
01. Black Celebration
02. Shake The Disease
03. Nothing
04. Pleasure Little Treasure
05. People Are People
06. Question Of Time
07. Never Let Me Down Again
08. Question Of Lust
09. Master And Servant
10. Just Can't Get Enough
11. Everything Counts

The success of Music for the Masses saw the band hitting the international concert trail and culminated in the release of 101 in 1989. Taking a break from recording while touring, this stop-gap live album showed the band utilising their image to sell records. It's important, though, because it's the first time that the band revealed themselves via an album cover. The cover is a crisp black and white Anton Corbijn shot of a Depeche Mode gig merchandise stand. The shot manages to be tongue-in-cheek and conventional at the same time. Corbijn shows the saleable representations of the band, but still avoids the standard cover shot. In 1988 Depeche Mode were at the top of their game. Often derided as a tinny 80s synth band, the Basildon quartet had taken their time twisting their sound into epic machine driven gothic pop, and had already outlived the majority of their peers. The first sign was the Everything Counts single, but their new sounds really blossomed on 1986's Black Celebration and '87's follow-up Music For The Masses. That's where 101 comes in; the '88 Tour For The Masses where Depeche Mode finally realised just how good they really were.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Simple Minds, New Order, Tubeway Army, Cabaret Voltaire


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