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Depeche Mode - Violator [2006 reissue]

Depeche Mode - Violator [2006 reissue]

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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01. World in My Eyes
02. Sweetest Perfection
03. Personal Jesus
04. Halo
05. Waiting For The Night
06. Enjoy The Silence
07. Policy Of Truth
08. Blue Dress
09. Clean

Digitally remastered 2006 reissue. Violator is Depeche Mode at their finest moment, an album that is both accessible while being pure Depeche Mode. From start to finish, Violator is nearly flawless, each song flowing into the next, carrying the listener along through Martin L. Gore's psyche and the massive sonic soundcase crafted by Alan Wilder (and largely uncredited to Wilder). "World in My Eyes" starts with a simple synth line and the song proceeds along that path, bringing to mind earlier DM songs, something from Cathing Up with Depeche Mode, perhaps. "Sweetest Perfection" introduces sampled drum beats and a haunting vocal performance. One of the finest tracks on the album. "Halo" begins simply with a basic drum loop and synthesizer while adding layers of sound, and introducing vocal harmony from Martin Gore. Another masterpiece of production. "Waiting for The Night" is a quietly powerful song, beginning slowly with a simple synth line that continues through the song with other basic notes added to create an emotional layer. "Enjoy the Silence" and "Policy of Truth" were staples of many dance clubs. "Enjoy the Silence" also introduces the first musical interlude to connect one song to another, with the very end of "Enjoy the Silence" leading directly into "Policy of Truth." "Blue Dress" is a sensual number that leads to the second musical interlude on Violator, bringing us to the closing track, "Clean" Violator has so many great moments, whether it's a bit of music that catches your attention or even a simple Martin Gore harmony. Clearly a must-have for any music collection, especially if you've never heard Depeche Mode before.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Simple Minds, New Order, Tubeway Army, Cabaret Voltaire


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