Excellent, I ordered the Fiction Factory "Throw The Warped..." CD. Great and quick service. Thanks!!!
Igor Maasik (ESTONIA)
Excellent, I ordered the Fiction Factory "Throw The Warped..." CD. Great and quick service. Thanks!!!
Igor Maasik (ESTONIA)
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Fischer-Z - Red Skies Over Paradise

Fischer-Z - Red Skies Over Paradise

Model: CD
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CD: CDP-7466832

01. Berlin
02. Marliese
03. Red Skies Over Paradise (A Brighton Dream)
04. In England
05. You'll Never Find Brian Here
06. Battalions Of Strangers
07. Song And Dance Brigade
08. The Writer
09. Bathroom Scenario
10. Wristcutters Lullaby
11. Cruise Missiles
12. Luton To Lisbon
13. Multinational Bite

"Red Skies Over Paradise" was Fischer-Z's third outing and is still their best by a city mile. Having made a name for themselves with "Word Salad" and "Going Deaf For A Living", spawning minor hit singles like "The Worker", "Remember Russia" and "So Long", the internationally acclaimed "Red Skies Over Paradise" definitively established them as one of Britain's foremost bands and allowed them to outgrow their cult status. Lead vocalist/lyricist John Watts is at the top of his game on this 1981 album, not merely as a singer whose urgent, high-pitched voice stamped an indelible seal on the band's atypical sound, but as an extremely talented songwriter, whose lyrics were starkly colored by the spirit of the age. In referring to England circa this period as a modernday paradise he is laying on the irony three inches thick. The ramifications of rampant unemployment and a genuine anxiety about the future of the world in the heyday of the Cold War were reflected prominently in his work, venting social criticism in the face of imminent nuclear genocide. In haunting songs like "Cruise Missiles" he warns of this danger, while the magnificent title track, already sees the missiles flying. "In England" comments cheekily on the country's shortcomings as a tourist attraction. The wickedly titled "Wristcutter's Lullaby" describes the ill-fated adventures of a fugitive from justice. From a musical standpoint as well this album is loaded with semi-legendary rock songs. "Red Skies Over Paradise" is one of the finest albums of the eighties. Recommended to anyone who values great pop/rock music, regardless of personal preference. If you have never heard it, you are seriously missing out.


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