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Grant-Lee Phillips - Ladies' Love Oracle

Grant-Lee Phillips - Ladies' Love Oracle

Model: CD
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LABEL: Magnetic Field

01. You're a Pony
02. Heavenly
03. Squint
04. Don't Look Down
05. Flamin' Shoe
06. Folding
07. Lonesome Serenade
08. Nothin' Is for Sure
09. St. Expedite
10. Snow Flakes [special addition]

Originally recorded in 1999, not long after the dissolution of Grant Lee Buffalo, Ladies' Love Oracle is a collection of nine solo acoustic songs Phillips recorded in three days in Jon Brion's (Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple) basement studio, and it's simply beautiful songwriting. The opening track, "You're a Pony," is deeply intimate and somewhat unpolished -- just like an ideal partner. "Heavenly" is a touching love song almost too private to listen to, as the ardency of Phillips' desire is so bald and intense. The instrumentation is spare, unadorned, with just a guitar or piano most of the time, plus the odd harmonica. Oracle's centerpiece is "Don't Look Down," for which Phillips enacts his own subject matter, soaring sweetly, enjoying the breeze, and not daring (or wanting) to come down and break the spell. "Sometimes a sketch says more than a mural," writes Phillips of the album's "less-is-more" approach. What's amazing is that Phillips' sketches are just as artful as his murals. Recorded over a three day span, in a very raw setting, Ladies' Love Oracle bridges the gap between the dark guitar movements of Grant-Lee Buffalo and the subtle, keyboard soaked Mobilize. Presented now as an official release, the "new" record stands well enough on its own as a vibrant, instant folk record, a glowing barometer that the path chosen was indeed the right one.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Grant Lee Buffalo, Shiva Burlesque, Adrian Borland, R.E.M.


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