Excellent, I ordered the Fiction Factory "Throw The Warped..." CD. Great and quick service. Thanks!!!
Igor Maasik (ESTONIA)
Excellent, I ordered the Fiction Factory "Throw The Warped..." CD. Great and quick service. Thanks!!!
Igor Maasik (ESTONIA)
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Grant-Lee Phillips - Strangelet

Grant-Lee Phillips - Strangelet

Model: CD
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LABEL: Magnetic Field

01. Runaway
02. Soft Asylum (No Way Out)
03. Fountain of Youth
04. Hidden Hand
05. Dream In Color
06. Chain Lightning
07. Raise The Spirit
08. Same Blue Devils
09. Killing A Dead Man
10. Johnny Guitar
11. Return To Love
12. So Much

Since the demise of Grant Lee Buffalo back in 1999, Buffalo's singer/guitarist/songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips has delivered five solo records, each better than the last. Last year it was nineteeneighties, one of the most impressive cover albums of all time, wherein he turned classic Reagan-era alternative and new wave numbers into whole new indie-country songs. This year, Strangelet finds Phillips more intimate than ever, but also has a strong balance between the rockin' side of Grant Lee Buffalo, and his own, more alt-folk, persona. Grant-Lee Phillips has always had a strong voice and been a well-honed guitarist/instrumentalist, but Strangelet is the best marriage he's ever done between the two. Strangelet opens with â??Runawayâ?, which is subdued but driving, even in the chorus, and it keeps from being repetitive thanks to an excellent guitar breakdown. The brighter alt-folk â??Fountain Of Youthâ? is relatively simple, but is all the better for it, as it makes the number probably the best display of Grant-Lee Phillips' voice on the entire album. The best match-up of Phillips' voice and instruments is on â??Dream In Colorâ?, the most melodic track on this very melodic record, whose strong rhythm allows the piece to keep its thread in the midst of many interesting variances. The slow waves and very somber alt-country of â??Killing A Dead Manâ? is not going to be anyone's â??favorite', but it is the most moving song on this also very moving record. While we know Phillips' name from his solo work and his eponymous Buffalo, with Strangelet, he still has the mystique, and is speaking through his music better than ever.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Grant Lee Buffalo, Shiva Burlesque, Adrian Borland, R.E.M.


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