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Icicle Works - Blind

Icicle Works - Blind

Model: CD
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LABEL: Beggars Banquet

01. Intro
02. Shit Creek
03. High Time
04. Little Girl Lost
05. Starry Blue Eyed Wonder
06. One True Love
07. Blind
08. Two Two Three
09. What Do You Want Me To Do
10. Stood Before St Peter
11. Here Comes Trouble
12. Kiss Off
13. Walk A While With Me

Classic album from the late 80s that offers some of the band's finest tracks such as the superb "Starry Blue Eyed Wonder" and "Little Girl Lost". When it was first released, this album sounded like nothing else around, and nothing like the previous Icicle Works album '..Defeat Your Enemy'. But it contains several classic tracks, notably 'Little Girl Lost', one of the great missing number one singles of our time, 'High Time', the anthemic, barmy 'Blind' and 'Stood Before St Peter', and curiosities like 'Kiss Off' and 'Walk A While With Me', which nods in the direction of 'Black', swooping bass and synths and all. Some smashing musical arrangement and the usual excellent clangy guitars make this cd a essential part of any Icicle Works fans collection. Lesser known tracks are "Here Comes Trouble" and "What Do You Want Me To Do" are other good reasons to buy this.


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