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Interpol - Antics

Interpol - Antics

Model: CD
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CD: 8663652
LABEL: Matador

01. Next Exit
02. Evil
03. Narc
04. Take You On A Cruise
05. Slow Hands
06. Not Even Jail
07. Public Pervert
08. C'Mere
09. Length of Love
10. A Time To Be So Small

With their sophomore release, Interpol prove that they are not mere Joy Division clones attempting to hitch a ride on the '80s revival circuit. On Turn On The Bright Lights, writer/singer Paul Banks seemed to be channeling the ghost of Ian Curtis throughout, but here he appears to be finding his own voice with their new recordings, albeit with different reference points. While decidedly more original, Antics calls up the memory of bands such as The Chameleons, Kitchens Of Distinction and (especially) Television, due to similarities in chord structures, production and a few borrowed licks (i.e., "Marquee Moon"). As before, songs are built from simple riffs that gradually build upon themselves into glorious crescendos, then reverting back to the minimalistic guitar lines that introduced the track to begin with. Purists will undoubtedly pick apart the album to identify the original songs that Interpol are biting this time around, but as with the first album, the sum is greater than its parts, making Antics an homage to its primary influences and a work of post-modern beauty.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Chameleons, Kitchens Of Distinction, Television, The Sound


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