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New Model Army - Small Town England

New Model Army - Small Town England

Model: 2-CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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2-CD: SMDCD129
LABEL: Snapper

CD: 1
01. Bittersweet
02. Betcha
03. Tension
04. Great Expectations
05. Waiting
06. Christian Militia
07. Notice Me
08. Small Town England
09. A Liberal Education
10. Vengeance
11. Sex (The Black Angel)
12. Running In The Rain
13. Spirit Of The Falklands
14. The Price
15. 1984
16. No Man's Land

CD: 2
01. Great Expectations
02. I Wish
03. Notice Me
04. Liberal education
05. Small Town England
06. Spirit Of The Falklands
07. Christian Militia
08. Running In The Rain
09. The Cause
10. Drag It Down
11. Frightened
12. The Attack

This nicely priced 2-CD set covers New Model Army's pre-EMI material, including the group's first single 'Bittersweet'. Backed by 'Betcha' and 'Tension'- Through 'Great Expectations', which reached the Top 20 of the Indie Charts to the huge impact of 'Vengeance'. Ranging from the brisk push of "Small Town England" to the gentle calamity of "A Liberal Education" and "Running" (where the acoustic guitar adds further depth to an already bulging briefcase) to the outright flare of "Vengeance" and "Christian Militia" they prove they have the variety that many trios lack. Take a dip inside the sleek energy of "Sex (The Black Angel)", the vicar's lament. Disc two covers the 'Radio Sessions' recorded between '83 - '84 for the BBC including sessions recorded for John Peel, David Jensen and Janice Long.


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