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New Order - Technique

New Order - Technique
Model: CD
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CD: 8573 81367-2
LABEL: London

1. Fine Time
2. All the Way
3. Love Less
4. Round & Round
5. Guilty Partner
6. Run
7. Mr. Disco
8. Vanishing Point
9. Dream Attack

Along with 'Power, Corruption and Lies' this is one of the indispensable classic non-compilation New Order albums. It's their take on Balearic house music, combining the jangly, bass-led New Order sound with Bernard Sumner's increasingly-coherent lyrics. Coming out at the height of indie this was both a critical and commercial peak - the group had plenty of kudos for latching onto a then-novel new musical movement, whilst at the same time they didn't stop being 'rock', something which eluded and still eludes other groups. This is also the album where New Order finally admitted to having a sense of humour, although it's only really evident in the sheep-sampling, Barry-White-lampooning 'Fine Time', as the rest of the songs are extremely moody. New Order were good with moods - most of their best music sounds both happy and sad at the same time. Amongst a bunch of solidly great songs, 'Round and Round' and 'Vanishing Point' stand out more than most, and 'Mr Disco' is the token stab at badness.


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