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Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34 [2004 reissue]

Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34 [2004 reissue]
Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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LABEL: Snapper

1. Voyage 34 - Phase 1 (12.54)
2. Voyage 34 - Phase 2 (17.24)
3. Voyage 34 - Phase 3 (19.24)
4. Voyage 34 - Phase 4 (13.42)

Long unavailable PT album now digitally remastered and repackaged in a beautiful fold out digipack. Porcupine Tree's long deleted 30-minute 1992/1993 single Voyage 34 has been a major collector's item for a number of years. It was originally issued in two parts - each made up of two Phases - and this album-length CD compiles the original 30 minute Phase I/Phase II version together with the stralasia/Porcupine Tree remixes of Phase III and IV. Voyage 34 is a psychedelic journey combining space-rock, psychedelia and ambient trance in a way never attempted before or since. The original was in NME's indie chart for over six weeks despite not having a single review in any publication and became an underground classic in UK clubs in the early '90s. Still a firm favourite amongst Porcupine Tree fans, Voyage 34 utilises an array of counter-cultural LSD documentary samples, spacey ambient textures, driving bass and drum beats and Steve Wilson's soaring guitar work. As a result Voyage 34 crosses the dance/rock boundary with ease. Porcupine Tree still perform Voyage 34 in concert and this set of recordings has been long-awaited by fans of the group.


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