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T.C. Matic - TC Matic [2004 reissue]

T.C. Matic - TC Matic [2004 reissue]

Model: CD
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CD: 7963742

01. Bye Bye Till The Next Time
02. L'union Fait La Force
03. With You
04. Stop Rock
05. The Parrot Brigade
06. I'm Not Like That
07. Give Them A Leader
08. Viva Boema
09. O La La La
10. Pitie Pour Lui

Digitally remastered reissue of TC Matics original 1981 debut album. This debut album of T.C. Matic is filled with interesting, intriguing and very impressive music. Factory funk, that's what they called it. Brutal city noises from a hard world somewhere in between A Certain Ratio and Simple Minds .. Export-ready Flemish Rock, because most of the songs can easily survive the comparison with new things that came from England. ... Never has a group from Belgium showed so much soul as T.C. Matic on this existential cry from the rhythmic jungle. T.C. Matic played a rock'n'roll that was hard, violent and ultimately very impressive. They invented the European sexbeat and toured with the Simple Minds. After their demise their charismatic singer Arno pursued a succesful solo career.


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