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T.C. Matic - The Essential Of TC Matic [best of]

T.C. Matic - The Essential Of TC Matic [best of]

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01. Oh La La
02. Le Java
03. They Never Make You Laugh
04. Ugh Ugh
05. Bye Bye Till The Next Time
06. Willie Willie
07. Living On My Instinct
08. Que Pasa
09. Middle Class And Blue Eyes
10. If You Wanna Dance, Dance, If You Don't, Don't
11. Putain Putain
12. Elle Adore Le Noir
13. With You
14. The Parrot Brigade
15. Viva Boema
16. La-Bas
17. L'amour N'est Pas Avec Moi
18. Mummy

Excellent compilation of TC Matics 4 studio albums with a few bonus tracks that have never been available on CD before. All tracks have been digitally remastered in 2003 by Alan Ward. - T.C.Matic = music! Does this sound obvious? Well it didn't in 1980. Initially it was more like T.C.Matic = sick! Twenty years ago T.C.Matic was formed out of a fun & energy blues band called Tjens Couter. First indie (double) single included such rough gems as Femme Femme and sharp statements White Rhythm and Modern Noise. But who was listening? Most media and radio didn't consider this uncomfortable combination of intense tunes and an aggressive voice as music. It took some independent believers to give this band enough support to crossover from Belgium to the rest of Europe. By mid 1981 there was that superb single, that intro, that riff, that refrain: 'Oh la la la' and from then on it was T.C.Matic = magnifique! With about 365 concerts nationwide and extensive touring through the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France and trips to Germany, Italy, New York and the UK. Even the many dedicated local promoters were glad to finally see T.C.Matic at the main continental festivals: Pinkpop, Roskilde, Torhout, Seaside, Florae Nancy, Reims, Berlin... You might know that they also toured Europe with Simple Minds (and almost, but never, with Public Image Limited) T.C.Matic was probably the most intense live act ever to come out of that 'not-rock' country Belgium, with their passionate mix of new wave/funk/chansons & rock'n roll.


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