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The Church - Forget Yourself

The Church - Forget Yourself
Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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LABEL: Cooking Vinyl

01. Sealine
02. Don't You Fall
03. I Kept Everything
04. Nothing Seeker
05. Reversal
06. Summer
07. Song In Space
08. Theatre And Its Double
09. Telepath
10. See Your Lights
11. Lay Low
12. Maya
13. Appalatia
14. June

The Church's biggest hit, 1988's "Under The Milky Way," enhanced the band's jangling, chiming style, and though they've been making records steadily ever since, The Church's quick retreat to elusive anti-anthems hobbled any chance of continued commercial success. On a creative level, however, The Church has endured fairly well. The new Forget Yourself gets a lot of mileage out of the dueling guitars of Marty Willson-Piper and Peter Koppes, which ripple across and partially obscure Steve Kilbey's deep, wrenching voice. The album loads up on lengthy, pounding songs like "Sealine" and "Song In Space," where the mid-song guitar freakouts are more important than the choruses. Willson-Piper and Koppes use their instruments to shoot sharp blips through the billowing surface of "Lay Low" and to accent the syncopation of the trippy "See Your Lights." Rock music so reliant on sound and mood naturally drifts into U2/Radiohead territory, but fruitfully so, as on "The Theatre And Its Double," while the punchy "Don't You Fall" suggests that whatever Pavement stole from early post-punk, the post-punk vets are more than eager to steal it back. Tracks like Telepath, Maya, and June are the strongest on the album with the Led Zepplinish, "Nothing Seeker" and beautiful "Appalatia" following close behind. Clearly, The Church are evolving, experimenting, and producing some of their best music of their long career, at a time when lesser bands would be packing it in. This album should work wonderfully live where The Church truly shine!


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