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The Meeting Places - Numbered Days

The Meeting Places - Numbered Days

Merk: Words On Music
Model: CD
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CD: WM20

01. Love Like The Movies
02. Until It's Gone
03. Nothing's The Same
04. Mumble
05. Hall Of Fame
06. Sink Into Stone
07. Numbered Days
08. The City's Asleep
09. Pause
10. Cardboard Robot

Numbered Days is the second album of luminous, infectious noise-pop by The Meeting Places. On their sophomore record the quartet has written ten new songs that craftily combine melodic indie-pop with the tremulous soundscapes first explored on their debut Find Yourself Along The Way which was released in 2003. The inclusion of resonating atmospherics is, for The Meeting Places, never an end itself, only a means to an end. Instead of droning into nothingness, shimmering coats of reverb anchor the songs to set up the delivery of a well-placed hook or a knockout punch of a chorus, such as in the boisterous, pulsating "Nothing's The Same" or the catchy, upbeat "Hall of Fame." The cunning implementation of dynamics and sundry instruments (e.g. piano, glockenspiel), showcase The Meeting Places' songwriting talents, as in the album closer "Cardboard Robot" which alternates between a calm, unwavering verse and a searing chorus that detours into early My Bloody Valentine and kraut-rock: both pieces stitched together seamlessly by Arthur Chan's melodic basslines. Scott McDonald's howling guitar melodies sometimes take their cues from Eastern music ("Love Like The Movies," "Numbered Days," "Pause"), imposing order and form to the reverberating ambience that lurks beneath the surface. Dean Yoshihara's relentless drumming fastens the music to rhythms that help to broker an immediate relationship between the listener and the band. With ten songs clocking in at thirty-three minutes, Numbered Days evokes a leaner, more urgent approach to songwriting, in the spirit of The Jesus and Mary Chain's Darklands or The Shins' Oh, Inverted World. Compositions judiciously weave together from start to finish with a proportionality rarely found in an age whose digital format tends to bloat records by the inclusion of filler.

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