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The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always [2006 reissue]

The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always [2006 reissue]

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CD: 757921
LABEL: Warner

01. Black Planet
02. Walk Away
03. No Time To Cry
04. A Rock And A Hard Place
05. Marian
06. First And Last And Always
07. Possession
08. Nine While Nine
09. Amphetamine Logic
10. Some Kind Of Stranger
11. Poison Door (*)
12. On The Wire (*)
13. Blood Money (*)
14. Bury Me Deep (*)
15. Long Train (*)
16. Some Kind Of Stranger (*)

(*) bonus tracks

2006 issued digitally remastered edition of the Sisters debut Goth rock classic. First released in 1985 before the split between Eldritch and Hussey (leading to Hussey's creation of the Mission), this remastered reissue still sounds as fresh as ever. The Sisters of Mercy could have been massive, and later releases hinted at that possibility, but personnel and label disputes stalled them, so this is the first of a tragically short three-album career. Often incorrectly labeled as goth, this is post-punk rock: meaty, bombastic and quite unlike anything else released at the time. The album remains unequaled in the genre, permanently esconced ont top of a pedestal from which it cannot be toppled. From the opening claustrophobia of "Black Planet" to the melancholy "No Time to Cry," Eldritch continually assured listeners that "Everything's Gonna Be Alright". Continuing with the bass-driven guitar gem "Possession" and the closing "Some Kind Of Stranger", an untouchable epic that, clocking in at over 7 minutes, is the best of its kind. "Some Kind of Stranger" became a "Love Song" for the Goth crowd. Copied to death, its brilliance has never been replicated. This edition was remastered from the original multitracks and sounds better than ever before, Augmented by 6 non-LP B-sides plus "Some Kind of Stranger", a previously unissued (early version) track from the album sessions.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Mission, All About Eve, Clan Of Xymox, The Cure


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