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The Waterboys - Waterboys [2003 reissue]

The Waterboys - Waterboys [2003 reissue]
Model: CD
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CD: 537703-2

01. December
02. A Girl Called Johnny
03. Three Day Man, The
04. Gala (unedited original version)
05. Where Are You When I Need You? [previously unreleased]
06. I Will Not Follow
07. It Should Have Been You
08. Girl In The Swing, The
09. Savage Earth Heart
10. Something Fantastic [previously unreleased]
11. Ready For The Monkeyhouse [previously unreleased]
12. Another Kind Of Circus [previously unreleased]
13. Boy In Black Leather [previously unreleased]
14. December (Original 8 Track Mix)
15. Jack Of Diamonds [previously unreleased]

Reissue of 1983 album, remastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road. Includes an unedited version of the Waterboys' classic 'Gala' & seven bonus tracks. Additional highlights include track-by-track musician credits (for the first time) & in-depth sleevenotes by Mike Scott. The Waterboys self titled release is a dazzling debut with contagious melodies, hauntingly beautiful piano, jangling guitars, and passionate sincere vocals. "A Girl Called Johnny" really personifies the entire album with its peculiar off center suggestiveness and Lou Reed like lyrical content. It's a great rock and roll tune that you will want to play persistently. Mike Scott is absolutely brilliant in each and every aspect that he contributes to The Waterboys' sound and energy. The songs on this album still sound as fresh as a daisy and as startling as a summer rainstorm. If you missed this all those years ago, then that's as good a reason as any to go back to the beginning of The Waterboys story.


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