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Vega 4 - Satellites

Vega 4 - Satellites

Model: CD
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CD: 482 0002 020
LABEL: Taste

01. Drifting Away Violently
02. Sing
03. Radio Song
04. The Caterpillar Song
05. Love Breaks Down
06. Better Life
07. The Love You Had
08. Satellite
09. Shoot Up Hill
10. Burn & Fade
11. Hallelujah

Vega 4 is a four-piece multi-national band lead by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter John McDaid from Northern Ireland and includes Bruce Gainsford (guitar) from New Zealand, Simon Walker (bass/songwriting) from England and Brian McLellan (drums) from Canada. The opening track, Better Life, rocks, soars, it communicates and it opens the door with a Moby Whale of a melody. Add to this magnificent vocal and instrumental backing, a sympathetic electronic media and away she blows! The second track underlines the 'adult' nature of this band's brand of pop/rock. All songs are full of complex multi-textured rock music on an epic and powerful (U2) scale which demands the repeat button. McDaid's vocal dominates proceedings in a way that combines blues, rock and pop so cleverly and effectively that even Gomez would struggle to match it. If you like bands like Haven, Kent, Coldplay & Travis then you should give this album a listen!


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