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Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Stellastarr - Harmonies For The Haunted

Stellastarr - Harmonies For The Haunted

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CD: 68881-2

01. Lost In Time
02. Damn This Foolish Heart
03. The Diver
04. Sweet Troubled Soul
05. Born In A Fleamarket
06. On My Own
07. When I Disappear
08. Love And Longing
09. Stay Entertained
10. Island Lost At Sea

Stellastarr's self-titled debut fused distorted new-wave riffs with '80s pop sensibility and overly ominous vocals. On their new album, Harmonies for the Haunted, Stellastarr* decided to add a few more elements to their sound. From the opening piano notes of "Lost In Time," listeners can get an immediate feel for the mood of much of the record - brooding. The track's dense instrumentation serves to reach a quick peak, pulling your attention into the music before singer Shawn Christensen's voice even graces one's ears. The dark vibe is quickly maintained by two of the album's best tracks, "The Diver" and "On My Own," the former of which highlights the band's greatest asset - the haunting harmonies of bassist Amanda Tanner, who can send chills to a listener as easily as she can make an up tempo number's self-lacerating lyrics actually sound like a summer day. However, this record isn't all songs set for the soundtrack of a funeral. Stellastarr* still retain much of the catchy delay driven riffs and infectious choruses of their debut. The toe-tapping first single "Sweet Troubled Soul" and the pained pleas of "Love & Longing" demand the ears of any modern rock radio enthusiast. So this is an invitation to every fan of "new wave revivalist" bands like The Stills and Interpol to check out Stellastarr*, a band who makes music with more heart, more honesty, and more talent - and who was influenced by '80s music long before it was "cool".

Influences / Similar Artists:
Interpol, Elephant, The Stills, The Convent, The Chameleons


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