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Storyville - Farewell To Storyville

Storyville - Farewell To Storyville

Model: CD
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01 Farewell To Storyville
02. Warcries
03. Deep In A Dream
04. Turning Red
05. Ravished On A Bed Of Roses
06. This Is Real
07. Will It Ever Be Better Than This
08. I'm Going To Make You Feel
09. Dirty Old Town
10. Its A Sad And Beautiful World

Storyville is a collaboration between Mark Long (The Opposition) and Lol Ford who have been playing together on an on and off basis for more than 15 years. In case you've never heard of Mark Long, as vocalist/guitarist of The Opposition (along with Marcus Bell and Ralph Hall), he's produced some of the best post-punk albums of the early 80s. Now he's decided to strike out on his own - and the results are so good, you wish he'd done it years ago. Opposition fans may get a bit of a shock, since this is essentially an acoustic record with just the occasional piece of studio wizardry to hint at its author's origins. Much more important, however, are the songs themselves - warm, intimate and quietly spellbinding. Long's quavering voice got a homespun charm that suits his compositions perfectly. Mark Long has the ability to write succinct and perceptive lyrics laced with pointed observances - it's a great mix that creates intelligent lyrics with 'bite'. But it's the melodies that grab the listener, every single track is perfectly formed, there are some superb, almost pop-like hooks that shine out on both the acoustic and full band tracks. For those looking for something with a little edge this is a brilliant collection of songs.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Opposition, Mark Long, Adrian Borland, Mark Burgess, Blue Nile


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