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The Church - Live At Enmore Theatre VIDEO

The Church - Live At Enmore Theatre VIDEO
Model: VIDEO
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VIDEO: PAL/SECAM (European System)
LABEL: General Exhibition

01. Aura
02. Ripple
03. Myrrh
04. Metropolis
05. Destination
06. Fly
07. Shadow Cabinet
08. North, South, East and West
09. Sisters
10. The Disillusionist
11. Grind
12. Lost
13. Old Flame
14. Hotel Womb
15. Reptile
16. Encore:
17. Pharoah
18. Chaos
19. Second Encore:
20. You're Still Beautiful
21. Tantalized

The first thing one notices about these Church songs is the sense of alienation which underlines almost all their lyrics. While many of their earlier songs recounted utopias or fantasies, their current material deals more or less with scenarios where the protagonist is at odds with the world as we know it; either seeking an altered state or, in the case of 'Metropolis', another world altogether. One hesitates to fit frames onto the group but their music echoes the argument. The dual guitar attack of Peter Koppes and Marty Willson-Piper is rich with melody but at the same time has a bitter sting which suggests a kind of unease. A combination of a theatre environment and their obvious mastery of their instruments gives a sense of authority to the songs that is sometimes obscured on record. This video has a more rock & roll feel to it, within the sometimes meandering arrangements but combined with the presence of new drummer Jay Dee Daugherty, the band was tougher than ever. For those interested in this live video and what it's like, Peter Koppes said that the quality is what you would expect from a VHS camera at the back of the theatre and no lighting compromises for the sake of filming and presents the show in a fairly wide panarama. The camera moves are by a well versed fan of the band in a live situation and follows the action quite well. What makes it better than the bootlegs is the sound from the desk which was expensive to synchronise with the visuals. It's a great document of the band.


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