I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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Steve Kilbey - Earthed [2005 reissue]

Steve Kilbey - Earthed [2005 reissue]

Model: CD
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CD: KH025
LABEL: Karmic Hit

01. The Dawn Poems
02. Neuman
03. Dreambeings
04. The White Plague
05. A Loveletter From Sydney
06. Carthage
07. City Of Women
08. Hotel
09. The Empire Mourns Her Sun Without Tears
10. Cornucopia
11. Memory (c)
12. Aphrodite
13. ...The Reality Generators Malfunctioned
14. Napoleon's Army, Christmas Eve, Outside Moscow
15. Sad Little Piano Piece
16. Atlantis
17. Pan
18. The Woman Who Was Married To Love
19. Agog
20. Earthed
(Readings by SK from Earthed)
21. Palace in India *
22. Dreambeingsâ?¦ *
23. Untitled *
24. The White Plague *
25. Untitled *
26. Cathage *
27. Untitled *
28. Untitled *

* Previously Unreleased

Digitally remastered reissue of the original 1986 instrumental album expanded with 8 new, never heard tracks. Steve Kilbey is known world over as the singer, songwriter and bass guitarist for the Australian band The Church, which has quietly been producing some of the most distinctive and deeply interwoven music of the past two decades, without all the hype and pop which they so majestically set themselves apart from with their 1981 debut. The ethereal and worldly lyrics of The Church have since burrowed into the psyche of an entire generation of Oz music fans. Alongside the Church's core output, the ever prolific and talented Steve Kilbey also has an equally challenging and original solo music career and also divides his time as a poet and painter. Earthed was Steve Kilbey's second solo album, a musical companion to his first book of poetry by the same name. 20 instrumental tracks, covering many moods but invoking a magical time and place through their dreamy melodies and atmospheric treatments. Now with 25 minutes of SK reading from his book you can let yourself be carried off into another realm by SK's velvet voice, giving a further link from the music to the book Earthed which was first published in 1986 to accompany this instrumental album.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Church, Jack Frost, Marty Willson-Piper, Peter Koppes, Noctorum


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