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The Cure - Faith [2005 reissue]

The Cure - Faith [2005 reissue]

Model: CD
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CD: 9830745
LABEL: Fiction

01. The Holy Hour
02. Primary
03. Other Voices
04. All Cats Are Grey
05. The Funeral Party
06. Doubt
07. The Drowning Man
08. Faith

Digitally remastered reissue of The Cure's 3rd album Faith from 1981. Faith is a striking conceptual song cycle marked by spiritual resonance, gothic veneer, and such signature Cure songs as â??The Drowning Man,â? â??Primary,â? and â??All Cats Are Greyâ? On "Faith", the revolving Cure line-up was down to a core of three: Robert Smith on vocals and lead, Simon Gallup on bass, and Laurence Tolhurst on drums, with keyboardist Matthieu Hartley abruptly leaving days before the recording session started. Slimmed down to the elemental basics, the band's playing is honed tight, with Gallup's big bass sound up front and Smith's guitars washing over the mix. Some of the songs on this disc are stone-cold classics. The major lyrical inspirations for the songs are said to be the death of "several friends and relations" and the terminal illness of Tolhurst's mother, and that combined with Smith's meditations on faith and disbelief provide the thematic core for the album. There is a broad sonic range within the basic bleakness of the album: "Primary" and "Other Voices," which both appear on the excellent Staring at the Sea compilation, are jittery, paranoid fun, as is "Doubt," while "The Funeral Party," "The Drowning Man," and "Faith" are majestic, epic stretches of unremitting rainy darkness. This release is where The Cure found the heart of darkness that was only hinted in earlier songs. The band wouldn't release another album that was so thoroughly and completely dark until "Disintegration" closed out their classic period at the end of the 1980s, but the darkness that flowered on Faith is what many still consider to be the Cure's classic sound, and it would reappear lyrically or musically on almost every other Cure release.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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