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The Frames - For The Birds

The Frames - For The Birds

Model: CD
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LABEL: Plateau

01. In the Deep Shade
02. Lay Me Down
03. When the Heart Just Stops
04. Headlong
05. Fighting on the Stairs
06. Giving Me Wings
07. Early Bird
08. Friends and Foe
09. Santa Maria
10. Disappointed
11. Mighty Sword

The Frames are Irish and "For the Birds" is the Dublin quintet's fourth album release and includes collaborations with Steve Albini (who produced Pixies, Nirvana and Low) and Craig Ward from dEUS. The album starts off with an instrumental "In The Deep Shade" which is a stunner with the mandolin and piano quietly dominating the opening chords before the violin arrangements slowly creep through the melody. It is enough to keep one enchanted and wonder what the rest of the album would sound like�� The rest of the album is just full of surprises as it takes you through a surprising fusion of sounds ie folk, pop, rock interspersed with violins, mandolins, banjos, piano and wailing guitar arrangements. One can be carried away by their gentle ballads such as "What Happens When The Heart Just Stops", or get one's feet thumping on some of the more upbeat songs like "Fighting On the Stairs". Or just simply soak in on the emotive melodies with beautiful guitar renderings such as "Headlong" and "Early Bird". The album is an acoustic Monet masterpiece in artistic terms. The band has shaken off the aggression of past works to unveil a delightful and content side of the Frames. This however doesn't mean that they have abandoned their characteristic loud guitar and vocal combination. The songs give the album a great sense of balance and equilibrium. Add the eclectic mix of sounds and arrangements and you get a gem of an album!


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