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Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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The Frames - The Cost

The Frames - The Cost

Model: CD
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CD: 6841-2
LABEL: Plateau

01. Song For Someone
02. Falling Slowly
03. People Get Ready
04. Rise
05. When Your Minds Made Up
06. Sad Songs
07. The Cost
08. True
09. The Side You Never Get To See
10. Bad Bone

Before the release of every Frames album comes the hope/expectation/ assertion that this will be the one to give them the wider international audience they richly deserve. With such goodwill and so many wanting you to succeed comes the argument that The Frames, like many other Irish artists, have been somewhat insulated from the critical rigour that should accompany their work. The answer many would give is that The Frames have never made a dud. As expected, there isn't any filler on 'The Cost'; it's anthemic, has two classics in 'Song for Someone' and 'Rise' and has that all too rare sound of musicians sparking off each other in a studio. If every album should have one lesson that's the same for both the listener and the artist, the one here is that The Frames have, for the moment, taken the slow song as far as they should and that, in the interests of making sure no-one settles into a comfort zone, the follow-up should be faster, livelier and happier. Those who've followed the band along the route they've taken, from Dance The Devil, through For The Birds and up to Burn The Maps, will find much here to wave lighters and sing-along to at the gigs. The swoonsome opener â??Song For Someone' establishes a template of string-driven balladry that â??People Get Ready', â??The Side You Never Get To See' and â??Sad Songs' take up with gusto.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Waterboys, Poor Rich Ones, My Latest Novel


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