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The Gathering - Mandylion

The Gathering - Mandylion

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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CD: 77098-2
LABEL: Century Media
LENGTH: 52:36 min.

01. Strange Machines
02. Eleanor
03. In Motion #1
04. Leaves
05. Fear the Sea
06. Mandylion
07. Sand and Mercury
08. In Motion #2

The Gathering's breakthrough record of heavy, sorrowful, beautiful, and contemplative atmospheres is led by the expressive and very majestic vocal power of Anneke van Giersbergen. The stripped down opening riff of "Strange Machines" gives you a false impression of what you're in for, as the song quickly ascends to greater heights in its' towering wall of wailing vocals, heavy guitars and synths, with some of the most reflective, warm and imaginative lyrics on the album. "Eleanor" is even more fascinating in its' turn to a fairly menacing riff fest near the end from a slow, bitter number, and the final lines are positively dark and menacing, and "In Motion #1" is built on a bell-like synth pattern that builds up to an awesome crescendo and an excellent solo section for added drama. The first half then closes out with "Leaves", as a pretty guitar line precedes more sorrow in the main melody, music and lyrics, with a despairing chorus, and a gorgeous melodic guitar solo midsong. The album's highlight follows in "Sand And Mercury", as a lengthy 6 minute jam builds up the action in successfully conveying all the album's emotion, and once the lines 'my dear, don't leave me now' come in, it almost seems like everything around is dying, it's such a powerful, extremely mournful, epic piece, and the reprise track "In Motion #2" builds more of that momentum from the opening line to close the album on an uncertain note. In all, this is a fine display of emotional and epic atmospheric work well worth your music collection.


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