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The Gun Club - Larger Than Live !

The Gun Club - Larger Than Live !

Model: CD
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CD: WAG326
LABEL: Last Call

01. Give Up The Sun
02. I Hear Your Heart Singing
03. The Straits of Love & Hate
04. She's Like Heroin To Me
05. Thunder Head
06. Emily's Changed
07. Yellow Eyes
08. Another Country's Young
09. My Dreams
10. Fire Of Love
11. Bad Indian
12. Devil In The Wood
13. Fire Spirit
14. Jack On Fire
15. Temptation And I
16. Goodbye Johnny
17. Sleeping In Blood City

The profile of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his Gun Club continues to grow in stature; another case of an artist, often their own worst enemy, derided and under-appreciated when alive, then gaining iconic status with new generations after their death. Pierce died in 1996 but it?s only recently that live CDs, DVDs and the wonderful Ghost On The Highway movie have appeared to stoke a proper legend. This gloriously brutal but unidentified 1992 live set, released on a French label, can only take it higher. The sound is fantastic, with Pierce having one of those nights where he got down to wrenching the maximum dark soul from his lyrics while demonstrating his ever-blossoming guitar style, invoking Hendrix?s Voodoo Child on Yellow Eyes, and Quicksilver Messenger Service on Sleeping In Blood City. Backed by the faithful Kid Congo, bassist girlfriend Romi Mori and drummer Simon Fish, the man?s on unstoppable form, particularly on the incendiary Fire Of Love songs. The Howlin? Wolf intro heralding a raging Fire Of Love is worth the admission alone, while the interplay and energy sparking between a possessed Pierce and the musicians on Goodbye Johnny is nothing short of jawdropping. All told, a gift from the gods.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Adrian Borland, Nick Cave, Madrugada, Spasmodique


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